Darshan Singh

"J.S Enterprises" is a leading name in incense stick manufacturing segment of the country and offers a complete range of high-quality loose, scented and packaged sticks. With a complete range of high-quality incense sticks under its portfolio,
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Categories: Insane Stick

We work very hard in order to keep the quality high and as per required level. We keep our regulars happy on many factors like clear as crystal dealing, cost effective rates, client satisfaction and faultless finish. With our distribution networks spread all over the nation, we are able to timely deliver the orders of our customers safely. Besides this, we have separate teams for research and development and client feedback, these teams aided us to improve and enhance the quality and durability of our products.

J.S Enterprises has a simple and clear purpose – to give the best to the globe, based on the strong ethics, values and respect for all race. we believe in long term ways for out business to grow and sustain.


  • + incense sticks

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  • + Mogra incense sticks

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  • + Chandan incense sticks

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  • + Rose incense sticks

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