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Establishment In The Year 2008, We "ICON Industries" Are The Leading Manufacturer Of Container Set.
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ICON Industries

Categories: Household Products

ICON Industries

Establishment  In The Year 2008, We “ICON Industries” Are The Leading Manufacturer Of Container Set, Plastic Storage Containers, Matuki Container, Knife Set, Plastic Vegetable Chopper, Kitchen Rack, Spoon Set, Plastic Fruit Juicer, Plastic Nicer Dicer, Dry Fruit Candy Box, Plastic Fruit Basket, Etc.

About The Owner

Mr. Axay Jethava is owner of ICON industries. He is having vast experience in kitchenware industries and too much knowledgeable person in kitchenware products


  • + Container Set

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  • + Plastic Storage Containers

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  • + Matuki Container

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  • + Plastic Vegetable Chopper

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  • + Knife Set

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