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HEYA&CO is counted as a leading Manufacturer and Supplier of Rice Bran Oil
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EYA&CO is counted as a leading Manufacturer and Supplier of Rice Bran Oil, Indian Rice etc. We have a state-of-the-art processing unit to provide top-quality rice at cost-effective prices. We highly skilled employees and they manufacture products, which are widely appreciated across the industry. The rice that we offer is well known for its quality. Our processing units and storage are thoroughly maintained. We believe in achieving complete customer satisfaction. We ensure efficient management and strict quality analysis. This supply rice across domestic markets and our product are in huge demand.


HEYA&CO was established to cater to the wide requirements of customers. We are functional in the industry for many years now and we take great care of customer demands. We are based in Thiruvarur, Tamil Nadu (India).


Why Us

We have been offering the best of products since day one. All our products are thoroughly inspected by experts. Also, the entire range of products is available at competitive prices. We take great care of quality.


Distribution and Delivery

We store all products with efficiency. We have an excellent logistics team, catering to the diverse needs of customers across domestic markets. We are a successful name in the industry and we are highly preferred by customers. We pack all orders with caution and deliver them without any inconvenience. For us, catering to the wide needs of customers is a priority.



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